Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Pass Along

Hi, guys!

As I was doing my usual Sunday morning blog reading, I came across a few things that I wanted to pass along. I figure you may or may not follow the same blogs I follow, so in the case that you don't, you might find something new and useful!

First up, Kelley at The Teacher Idea Factory is hosting a Pen Pal Pair Up! I have always wanted to have pen pals for my class, but was never really sure how to initiate it. All you have to do is sign up using the Google form on her site, specify what kind of pen pals you want (same grade, younger, older), and if you would be ok with having pen pals outside of the U.S.! And the best part- you don't have to have a blog to participate!
If you are interested in having pen pals from around the country (or world, apparently), head over and sign up! Who knows, maybe I'll end up as your pal!! ;)

Next up, Donna over at Math Coach's Corner shared a great game for developing math fact fluency- and it's FREE! Head on over to her blog to read all about it and pick up your own copy! If you haven't ever been to her blog before, you'll probably want to stick around for a bit and explore. She has lots of great stuff!

The girls over at Collaboration Cuties are hosting their weekly Mentor Text Link-Up, and this week's topic is science! Lots of good books to check out and Amazon cart-filling to do! If you've never read a Mentor Text Linky blog post, you are in for a treat!!

 Michelle at Teach 123 shared a great resource on magnets that integrates language arts and science. Score!

Shannon at  If My Calculations are Correct shared what could just be the BEST math warm up idea EVER. My wheels are turning and I'm almost giddy with excitement thinking about how I can implement this in my classroom. She calls it the Rev Up Your Grey Matter Binder. If you teach math, you MUST read about it. Be ready for the "why didn't I think of that's" to kick in! You may also want to have your credit card with you- just sayin'. :)

I wish I had some of my own creative genius ideas to share, but hey- what can I say? I'm a beg, steal, and borrow kind of girl!!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Kelly
    Thanks for the shout out! Being nosey...but where about do you live in Texas? I'm in the San Antonio area

  2. Thanks for all of these great happenings. I am going to check out the pen pals one for sure!

  3. Thanks for giving our linky a shout out! It looks like you found some things that are helpful for all of us! Thank you!!

    :0) Amanda


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