Who doesn't love a good freebie?! I've tried to compile all of my freebies here. I hope you find something usable for your classroom! 

Math, Reading, and Grammar Reviews

And end of year activity- A way to remember all the fun events from the year! 

Morph house is an organizer to 'morph' words. Place the base word in the roof and any prefixes, suffixes, or inflectional endings in the chimney. In the main structure of the house, write each morphed word with its definition and part of speech. 


  1. I will be starting my first year of teaching as a 3rd grade reading teacher. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I found your blog! I am even more excited to see TEKS. I haven't seen much with information based on the TEKS that I need. I so appreciate this and I will continue to read your blog! Thank you! - Erin G.

  2. Feeling very appreciative and grateful. Thank you for sharing so many resources. Always looking for something new and motivating. - Mary Ann


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