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I love to create things for my students! Hopefully, you can find something usable for your classroom, too! 

Starting a unit on expository text and need something to get started? This is just for you!

This packet covers 12 common text features that readers use to help navigate through expository texts. 

Each text feature is listed and defined. Space is left beneath each definition for the teacher to include their own examples of the features from texts the class is reading together, or students can create their own examples of the features. 

Features included:
-Table of Contents
-Bolded Words
-Charts and Graphs

A quiz is included at the end so students can test their knowledge of text features! 

I use this in my classroom like a mini-book. The pages can be stapled between two sheets of small construction paper or between one large sheet to create a book.

Need a fun and engaging way to review place value skills with your second, third, or fourth graders? These quiz-quiz-trade cards are the perfect solution! 

This 150-card pack will provide you with choice and options so your students get the targeted practice they need. Students will practice place value skills, but also practice social skills at the same time! It can’t get much better than that!

This product includes five different thirty-card sets so you can choose the difficulty level your students need. Skills include:

-Determining the value of an underlined digit in a number

-Naming the place of an underlined digit in a number

-Converting a number from expanded form to standard form

*Please see the preview for example cards!

Set One- 2 digit numbers
Set Two- 3 digit numbers
Set Four- 4 digit numbers
Set Five- 5 digit numbers
Set Six- 6 digit numbers

When your students are ready, mix up cards from the different sets!

These cards could also be used as a self-checking activity for students or as task cards. They are versatile!

This document is SO versatile and great for not only focusing your instruction, but also communicating with students and parents about students' strengths and weaknesses.

Every language arts TEK from reading to speaking is included. The TEKS are clustered into subgroups and each subgroup is included in a table so you can easily cut and paste the sections you want to use into a separate document to make it perfectly aligned to whatever you are currently teaching!

I have broken down some of the TEKS that are especially meaty so it is easier to pinpoint exactly where problems arise. I broke them down in a way that made sense to me, but because it is editable, you can change it up to work for you!

After each TEK, boxes are provided to designate whether that particular expectation is developed or still developing. I also included a box for comments.

Again, because this document is editable, you can change up the headings or TEKS and make it work for you!!

This document can also be used as an end of year assessment profile to show parents what has been mastered during the course of the year and what the student will need to continue practicing.

I hope you find this useful for yourself and your students!

Please let me know if you have any questions about how to use this document!

Harvesting Literacy: Station Activities With a Fall Twist 

Ah! Fall is in the air! These centers are perfect to add a touch of fall to your classroom.

Simply print out the pages for each station, cut up the cards and other materials, laminate for durability, and place in ziploc baggies or envelopes.

Topics covered in the centers include:

-Homophones (Using context clues)
-Prefixes and Suffixes
-Verb Tenses
-Expanding Sentences
-Singular and Plural Nouns

Each center comes with a cover sheet, a direction sheet, materials, and a recording sheet:

Page 1-2 Cover and Directions

-Turkey Talk! Antonym Match Up – Students will match pairs of antonyms and then use the antonyms in sentences. (pgs. 3-10)

-Expanding Sentences- Students will read "boring" sentences and expand them by adding a who, what, when, where, and why.
(pgs. 11-20)

-Falling for Homophones- Students will use context clues to determine the correct homophone for a sentence. (pgs. 21-26)

-Harvesting Words Using Prefixes and Suffixes: Students will create words using common prefixes and suffixes. (pgs. 27-43)

-Singular/Plural- Students decide if words are singular or plural and record them on their recording sheet (pgs. 44-53)

-Ripe for the Pickin’- Students will choose the correct verb form in sentences and rewrite them using the verb they choose. (pgs. 53-58)

Thank you and credits- page 59

I hope that you find this product helpful for you!

Gingerific Word Word: Gingerbread Themed Word Work 

This gingerbread themed packet is perfect to add a little seasonal pizzazz to your classroom, but still maintain the rigor needed for third grade and up.

This packet includes games for the following concepts:
-Prefixes and Suffixes

Just print, cut, laminate, and bag, and you have five instant centers to use year after year!

I hope you find these activities useful for your classroom!

Scooping Up Homophones: A Homophone Matching Game 

Who doesn't love ice cream?? This match-up game with its whimsical ice cream graphics is sure to keep your kiddos engaged while they review their knowledge of homophones! Just print and laminate and you have an instant center!!

This set includes:
-Student direction page
-18 homophone pairs for matching (one set in color, one in black and white) Students will match the ice cream scoops to their corresponding cones
-Recording Sheet
-Choose 'Em, Write 'Em Sentence Writing Activity (students will choose two homophone pairs and write a sentence with each of the words in the pair)

**Please Note!!!** This activity is meant to be a review of common homophones that students already know. This game does NOT include pictures or illustrations of the homophones. It is assumed that your kiddos will know what the word means without needing a picture!**

This activity works great as a center! I hope you find this useful for your students!

Page Descriptions:
Page 1: Title page
Page 2: Student Direction Sheet
Page 3: Homophone Pair Recording Sheet
Page 4: Choose 'Em, Write 'Em Recording Sheet (with directions)
Page 5-16: Homophone matching cards (one set in color, one in black and white)
Page 17: Thank you and credits

French Fry Prefixes 

A delicious way to practice adding prefixes to words!

Students will sort "French fries" (base words) into French fry containers that include a prefix that could be added to that word, record the new words they created, and write sentences using the word. An answer key is included so students can self-check!

This products includes the prefixes un-, re-, dis- and pre-.

Color and black and white.

Here's a glimpse of what's included:

Pages 1-3= Cover and note to the teacher
Pages 4-5= Prefix cheat sheet- explains the meaning of each prefix
Pages 6-9= Directions for students
Pages 10-13= Prefix "French fry" containers
Pages 14-17= Recording sheets- one for recording the base word, the prefix added, the new word and its definition and another sheet that directs students to write sentences with the new word they created by adding a prefix
Pages 18-25="French fry" base words
Pages 26-27= Answer Key
Page 28= Thank you

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