Monday, July 29, 2013

SmileMakers!!! (Product Review)

Howdy, howdy!

I'm here today to tell you about a company you may or may not have known about- SmileMakers!

SmileMakers is a Staples company that provides a variety of products and some great things for your classroom- plus, they love teachers!

When I was contacted by SmileMakers and asked to do a product review, I jumped at the opportunity!! To be honest, I had never heard of them, and my curiosity was piqued!

The first thing I did was visit their website. They have lots of great things to choose from including office supplies, business products, even dental supplies!! As interesting as those things are, you know I was headed straight to the education section!!

If you're looking for treasure box fillers, this is your site! They have stickers and prizes galore. They have classroom decor, storage and organization, motivational products... you name it!

As I was browsing around, I discovered this wonderful tab: Smile Scholars!

When I clicked this tab, I was excited to see that Smilemakers has got it goin' on!! They have a panel of teachers who write product reviews, get together and discuss issues in education, and even contribute input to help make the catalogue more teacher-friendly! They call them their Smile Scholars. Just look at this lovely bunch of ladies!

While on this page, you can click on this tab to go to products that have been rated and reviewed by the Smile Scholars.

It was on this page that I found the product I wanted- mini Judy clocks!

Time is always an issue with my third graders and I knew these little clocks would be perfect for extra practice.

The clocks came in a set of 12. They are made of sturdy particle board so they'll survive those rough and tough boys- always a good thing! Each clock comes with its own little stand. While I model using my large Judy clock, the kiddos can play right along with me and show the correct time on their clock as well. The clocks make it easy for the students to see exactly where the hands are pointing, something that you don't get with a traditional clock.

These minis do not have the working gears, but they are still great for practice and perfect for my math stations. I'm very excited to add these to my instruction!

If you haven't checked out SmileMakers, head over and have a look around! You're sure to find something that you can't live without! ANDDD if you sign up, you get teacher perks!! Another great reason to go explore!

Thanks again to SmileMakers for putting a smile on this teacher's face!

Happy Monday!!

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