Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rock the Vote 2012!

Before the hubs and I take off for a weekend in the windy city, I had to take a minute and share a little about our first ever gator election!

On Tuesday, while the country headed to the polls, so did our kiddos! Lines were long as kids came to the library to cast their voice and let their voices be heard.

Every kiddo in our building received a voter registration card before they came to the polls. Our office staff worked very hard to put these together! They looked so professional! I wish I could show you one, but they all had the kids' information already filled in.

(*Please excuse the blurry mess. I can't figure out how to cutely edit the pictures! If you have any suggestions, please let me know!!)

Upon reaching the polling place, they had to check in and show both their student ID and their voter registration card and sign in. They signed their name and prepared to vote!

The kids voted both electronically and on paper. It's always best to have a backup!

Aren't the ballots adorable?! Thanks go to my very creative principal who designed them :)

The kids even got cute 'I Voted' stickers to wear to show that they had done their duty as responsible citizens!

Our students seemed to really enjoy having the opportunity to vote. Obama won by a landslide! The kids were beside themselves when we announced the official results at the end of the day! :)

Tomorrow night the hubs and I are headed to Chicago to see the Texans play at Soldier Field! I cannot wait!! The forecast calls for rain and this girl is NOT built to handle cold and rain, so pray for good weather! I will have lots to share next week!! Go Texans!!!!

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