Thursday, September 5, 2013

Molly Lou Melon: Character Traits and Theme

I'm popping in real quick tonight to share some good things- well I think they're good things, and I hope you do, too!  

First Thing:

My very first Donor's Choose project is fully funded and lots of great books are headed my way!! I feel so blessed and grateful! I just had to get that out! I'm psyched! 

Now on to the main point of this post- one of my most favorite beginning of year books- Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell.

I adore this book for several reasons. First, just look at those amazing cheeks- she is adorable! Second, the characters in the book are great for analyzing character traits, and third, the book sends a wonderful message of acceptance and confidence. It's just so great!

Here's the book in a nutshell:

Molly Lou is the shortest girl in first grade, but she listens to the advice of her grandmother and doesn't let anything get her down- not her buck teeth and surely not her voice that sounds like a bullfrog. She is proud of who she is!

I mean, seriously! How can you not love this face?!! I love seeing the kids' reactions to this picture. Priceless.

Everything is great with Molly Lou until she moves to a new town. Ronald Durkin, the class bully, does everything in his power to bring her down. But Molly Lou will have NONE of it! She stays true to herself, wins the affection of all the other children, and eventually, Ronald decides to give being nice a try. He even brings her a penny to stack on her tooth!  I'm telling you, this book is just too much!

This book provides the springboard for some fabulous discussion on staying true to yourself, embracing who you are, accepting others, and not letting the negativity of others steal your joy. All of these are great messages for our kiddos and it's an easy and relatable way to introduce theme.

After we read the book, we filled in this trait web about Molly Lou. Click on the link above the picture to get a copy for yourself if you want it!

Have a great night!

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