Thursday, June 20, 2013

My First Donor's Choose Project!

Super quick-

I just posted my first Donor's Choose project! I am so excited! I have seen lots of teachers get their projects funded, so I finally jumped on the bandwagon!

Do you have any tips on how to get donors or how to promote projects? This is my first time, so I am a novice!!

Thanks, guys! I hope you are enjoying your summer!!!


  1. Hi Kelly!

    I've always wanted to propose a project to Donor's Choose, but have not committed yet. Here are some tips I've come across on The Open Door Classroom blog.

    Best of luck with your project!
    Read With Me ABC

  2. Hey girl- It was so great meeting and chatting with you today! I am your newest follower on Bloglovin' and I can't wait to see all your great ideas. Super cute blog design. :)

    My Life as a Third Grade Teacher


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