Monday, October 8, 2012

Welcome In!

So, after much pondering and thought, I have decided to jump into the blogging world!!! I'm actually slightly nervous as I'm typing this because I have been wanting to blog for so long and I'm finally making the official jump!

 This blog will be a mix of personal and educational posts... depending on my mood :) My goal is more to share my world with anyone who may be interested. I can't help but giggle, because I can't imagine who would be interested in reading about my life... but hey, you never know!!

 By no means am I promising anything earth-shattering or extremely worthwhile, but I feel like at times it could be fun to just share my thoughts.

So... backing up a bit, I wanted to share some of the things I made for my classroom before school started.

In my classroom students share desks. I have one class in the morning and another class in the afternoon. Storage is always an issue and I have tried storing the kiddos' *stuff* in the desks and it just didn't work. If you are a teacher, you have the visual of the desk chock-full of loose paper, remnants from breakfast, and who knows what else. No fun. So last year I started using what I call "book boxes."

The "book boxes" are just the cheap cardboard magazine file boxes from IKEA. After browsing around on Pinterest, I found some inspiration for how I could jazz them up a bit. All it took was some cute ribbon and some star cutouts and voila! A cuter version of a plain white box!

The kiddos store their notebooks, folders, and other materials in the boxes rather than in their desks. They work like a charm! The small pop of color makes getting materials just a tad more enjoyable. :)

Another project I worked on was my data bucket. This I love! I am all about data and sometimes it's easy to go on data overload. However, I have struggled with a way to store data so that is easily accessible and portable. For years, I have used a data binder and I have HATED IT! I dreaded punching holes in all of the papers and as I even now as I write I can still hear the haunting sound of the binder rings snapping and unsnapping... ugh. It would take me F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to file papers and inevitably something would go wrong-one of the holes would miss the rings or- and this would always happen to me- I would forget to snap the rings back together and flip to a different section... and yep... all the papers would fall out! Misery. Well, to avoid all of that, I decided to use a bucket instead!

This handy bucket is small enough to carry back and forth to meetings but large enough to hold file folders for all of my students. No more punching holes!!!! I cannot tell you how much of a lifesaver this little buddy of mine has been! Most importantly, it's cute (or at least I think so)!! My teacher friend, Mandy, came up with the cute name. The box is actually one my mom, who was a special-ed teacher for thirty-four years, used when she taught. I gave it new life by adding some scrapbook paper. Easy peasy!  If storing data is a struggle for you like it was for me, this might be a good option. I am actually looking forward to parent conferences! Ha!

I apologize for this random post. I have so much more to share from past weeks, but it will have to wait for another day. I'm excited to start this new adventure! Look back soon for more. :)

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  1. Bucket O Data! Ha! That was so awesome! Glad it worked for you! I would like to see the inside to see how you organize it. Guess that means a date is in the near future.... :) great first blog!


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